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Saitama Weakness on One Punch Man

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Readmangaca – Believe it or not, Saitama does have a weakness. It isn’t any kind of weapon or magic. Rather, his weakness is a very simple one that, while difficult to exploit, could prove fruitful. Ready? Here it is.

Saitama is still human.

Sure, he has levels of strength and durability that are an immeasurable step beyond human abilities, but at the end of the day, he still requires everything that a human being needs to function, and has most of the resulting weaknesses.

As far as we know, if you were to somehow keep him contained without food or water long enough, he would eventually die from starvation and thirst, and if you kept him occupied in a fight long enough, he would eventually become exhausted(of course, both scenarios are almost completely impossible given his level of power). Similarly, since he’s still human, he needs oxygen and nutrients to flow throughout his bloodstream, so disrupting that for a while could weaken and potentially kill him. One possibility is that, assuming one had psychic powers, they could use them to stop his heart, killing him instantly.

In addition, there’s one important thing to note about him: he can’t fly, and he has to hold his breath in space. Thus, all you’d have to do to kill him is leave him adrift in interstellar space. Unless some deus-ex-machina asteroid shows up for him to jump off of to the nearest Earth-like planet, his ass ain’t going anywhere, and he’ll suffocate. Another option would be(assuming you had super strength)throwing him into a black hole’s event horizon. Even assuming his molecules aren’t destroyed, the gravity and lack of anything to jump off of would leave him stuck there until he suffocated.

We’ve also never seen how he responds to poison, so a lethal dose of, say, arsenic could theoretically kill him, and we don’t know how his body would react to massive amounts of radiation-say, from being up close to the sun or from a nuclear explosion. While he’d undoubtedly survive the blast, if his cells are as vulnerable to radiation as ours, he’d be fatally exposed and die almost instantly. He’s also not particularly intelligent, so he could be weak to mind control.

Overall, though, most of this is theoretical based on what I know about Saitama. In the next volume, he may very well prove to be unkillable by any of the above methods, but as of now, these are his potential weaknesses.

But as you can see, tiny mosquito is the biggest weakness of saitama we can know hehhee

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Saitama Weakness on One Punch Man

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