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Who is next Strawhat Crew Member

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ReadmangacaWho is next strawhat luffy crew member on one piece ? The new chapter of “One Piece” marks the new arc that will now focus on the Strawhats’ struggle to fight Big Mom. According to the latest news, the crew will have a new member.


New Next Strawhat Crew Member


To those who remember, Caeser Clown is a chemist who specializes in weapons of mass destruction, as cited on “One Piece” Wiki . He was a colleague of Vegapunk and was the main antagonist in the Punk Hazard arc.


He is a Logia Type who acquired the Gasu Gasu No Mi, which allows him to turn into a gaseous element. However, he was defeated by the Strawhat pirates, so he returned to normal.

Aside from this speculation, other things that readers should expect in “One Piece” Chapter 828 would be the Strawhats stealing the Red Poneglyph of Big Mom. Aiming to get Sanji back, Luffy might provoke Big Mom to a fight or vice versa.

2. Jinbei

To many, Jinbei may have already been considered as part of the crew. Towards the end of Fishman Island Arc, Luffy has invited Jinbei to join, only that Jinbei needed to resolve some issues, most probably between his pirate crew and Yonko Big Mom’s alliance.

Jinbei, Knight of the Sea

What he/she gives to the crew? – As an ex-shichibukai (and one of the strongest to boot) Jinbe may well currently be stronger than any of the current crew. None of the Straw hats can easily handle sea issues and being a fishman, Jinbe is the perfect person to fill this gap. Of course, no more fishes will be in their meal’s though.

Who do you think of next member crew strawhats luffy wants or you want ? i hope you can share this 😀

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Who is next Strawhat Crew Member

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