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One Piece Chapter 865 Text Spoiler


get all information manga on sitemap readmangacaOne Piece Chapter 865 Hey, Mother Ceasar, carrying Brulee, sets up the escape mirror in front of the venue. Katakuri attempts to stop Luffy from trying to show Big Mom the picture. Sanji attempts to heads towards and save his family but is restrained by the genie. Reiju: (I’ve […]

Theory of Sora Past on One Piece


The things we know about Sora’s past are equal to the past of Ursa, Prince Zuko’s mother from Avatar – the Last Airbender. Both of them… -were nice women, who cared for their son (Sanji/Zuko) -were married to a tyrant, who wants to conquer big parts of the world (Judge/Ozai) -took a risk to save […]

Theory Ancient Weapon Uranus on One Piece


This theory about the Ancient Weapon Uranus and how it is connected to both the WG and Germa. I think Uranus was inspired by the Amrita, a beverage which grants immortality and played an important role in the Garuda legend. The Garuda once stole that nectar in order to free his mother who was a […]

Who will help Luffy learn Awakening Mode


Readmangaca – As we all know that Oda does not do anything without reason even if it seems at the moment meaningless. Or he likes to use uneplained thing in the story to create something new like for instance with Haki as shown in the first chapter but not explained and i dont think so […]

Who is next Strawhat Crew Member


Readmangaca – Who is next strawhat luffy crew member on one piece ? The new chapter of “One Piece” marks the new arc that will now focus on the Strawhats’ struggle to fight Big Mom. According to the latest news, the crew will have a new member. New Next Strawhat Crew Member 1. CAESAR CLOWN […]

Story One Piece Ending may Leaked Online


Readmangaca – The “One Piece” ending may have been leaked online by an alleged artist over at Shueisha who is working with “One Piece” creator, Eiichiro Oda. JapNation AniManga has reported that an alleged Shueisha artist named, Junichiro Fumi, allegedly revealed how Eiichiro Oda plans to end “One Piece”. “A guy named Junichiro Fumi, a […]

One Piece Ending Revealed by Eiichiro Oda


Readmangaca – Worldwide fans of the long running Japanese Manga, “One Piece”, should be expecting a bittersweet news as the series enters the final arc and end eventually. Most recent reports says that the long-time running manga, “One Piece” will end by entering a new arc that would be called “VS. Four Emperors Arc”. It […]

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