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Who will help Luffy learn Awakening Mode


get all information manga on sitemap readmangacaReadmangaca – As we all know that Oda does not do anything without reason even if it seems at the moment meaningless. Or he likes to use uneplained thing in the story to create something new like for instance with Haki as shown in the first chapter but not […]

Who is next Strawhat Crew Member


Readmangaca – Who is next strawhat luffy crew member on one piece ? The new chapter of “One Piece” marks the new arc that will now focus on the Strawhats’ struggle to fight Big Mom. According to the latest news, the crew will have a new member. New Next Strawhat Crew Member 1. CAESAR CLOWN […]

Story One Piece Ending may Leaked Online


Readmangaca – The “One Piece” ending may have been leaked online by an alleged artist over at Shueisha who is working with “One Piece” creator, Eiichiro Oda. JapNation AniManga has reported that an alleged Shueisha artist named, Junichiro Fumi, allegedly revealed how Eiichiro Oda plans to end “One Piece”. “A guy named Junichiro Fumi, a […]

One Piece Ending Revealed by Eiichiro Oda


Readmangaca – Worldwide fans of the long running Japanese Manga, “One Piece”, should be expecting a bittersweet news as the series enters the final arc and end eventually. Most recent reports says that the long-time running manga, “One Piece” will end by entering a new arc that would be called “VS. Four Emperors Arc”. It […]

Relationship Gin and Sherry on Detective Conan

Readmangaca – Well, this is Relationship Gin and Sherry theory on Detective Conan . You can get more theory  all manga on category information ok Relationship Gin and Sherry theory Sherry: Real name is Miyano Shiho is the daughter of Elena Miyano and Atsushi Miyano. Her parents who were scientists too, worked for the black […]

Saitama Weakness on One Punch Man

Readmangaca – Believe it or not, Saitama does have a weakness. It isn’t any kind of weapon or magic. Rather, his weakness is a very simple one that, while difficult to exploit, could prove fruitful. Ready? Here it is. Saitama is still human. Sure, he has levels of strength and durability that are an immeasurable […]

Why Bakugou call Midoriya “Deku”?

Readmangaca – Bakugou call Midoriya Deku, what is deku on boku no hero academia ? lets discuss it now Midoriya’s full name is Izuku Midoriya. Deku is another way to read Izuku. From the wiki: Izuku’s nickname, “Deku”, was given to him by Katsuki when they were little. “Deku” is another reading of his name […]

Who Attacked Reiju on One Piece

Readmangaca – Another set of mysteries is about to be revealed for One Piece Chapter 850. A lot of speculation arises when One Piece Chapter 849 left with a nail-biting cliffhanger. The following will be a list of spoilers, please proceed with caution. One Piece Chapter 849 left with a lot of questions in mind […]

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