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Theory of Sora Past on One Piece


get all information manga on sitemap readmangacaThe things we know about Sora’s past are equal to the past of Ursa, Prince Zuko’s mother from Avatar – the Last Airbender. Both of them… -were nice women, who cared for their son (Sanji/Zuko) -were married to a tyrant, who wants to conquer big parts of the world […]

Theory Ancient Weapon Uranus on One Piece


This theory about the Ancient Weapon Uranus and how it is connected to both the WG and Germa. I think Uranus was inspired by the Amrita, a beverage which grants immortality and played an important role in the Garuda legend. The Garuda once stole that nectar in order to free his mother who was a […]

Prediction One Piece Chapter 864


Prediction manga One Piece Chapter 864 english spoilers text only In order to save Sanji, who’s been abducted by Big Mom’s crew at the beginning of the arc, Luffy formed an unlikely pirate alliance with Capone “Gang” Bege, former Shichibukai Jinbei, and the evil scientist Caesar Clown. Capone Bege is, of course, a member of […]

One punch man Chapter 120 English

Read manga One punch man chapter 119 english online text latest, comic One punch man 119 raw online spoilers scans pictures with prediction text and images free. one punch man is action comedy fantasy manga that release date on japan or us. Read One punch Man Chapter 119 English Release Random

Read One Piece Chapter 864 English


Read manga one piece chapter 864 english text latest, scan full one piece 864 raw online spoilers pictures from mangastreams. this manga english translations scans on one piece release date japan with english text on that images with full colour Read One Piece Chapter 864 English release now (HOLIDAY WEEK)

Detective Conan Chapter 994 English

Read manga detective conan chapter 994 english text latest, comic detective conan 994 raw online spoilers pictures. Detective conan is detective manga with conan edogawa as protagonist to make him back to shinichi kudo Read Detective Conan Chapter 994 English Not release now (Next WEEK Break)

Fairy Tail Chapter 532-535 English

Read manga fairy tail chapter 532 533 534 535 english text latest, comic fairy tail 532 raw online spoilers pictures. this manga scans on fairy tail release date on japan with english text translation on that images with full colour or white black. and thanks Read Fairy Tail Chapter 532-535 English Not release (update on […]

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